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Complex Auto Accident Case:

As a result of Mr. La Neve's efforts, I was able to replace my vehicle; obtain appropriate medical treatment; recoup and repay medical expenses that were initially payed by worker's compensation at a fair rate; and I was compensated for my pain and suffering

Best Attorney Ever:

I didn't know that an attorney existed that actually wanted what was best for the client and not just the money. He won my case by presenting knowledgeable facts. He did his research and did an excellent job of presenting the evidence. I give him my highest recommendation! Absolutely fantastic!

Very Professional:

Mr. La Neve represented myself and my family against a major corporation. He showed evidence supporting our claim, that their product failed, under normal use,which resulted in extensive damages. He negotiated a settlement, which covered all damages, in a timely and professional manner. His dedication and concern was most appreciated in our time of need.

A Helpful Professional

Mr. La Neve was very professional throughout. He was attentive to my needs and my situation. He is highly regarded as one of the top DUI lawyers in the state of West Virginia and has a reputation for fighting for his clients. I would definitely recommend Todd to family member or a friend.


The criminal defense attorney you
want representing you

Clarksburg, West Virginia DUI and criminal defense attorney Todd La Neve welcomes you to his website.

For over nineteen years, defense attorney Todd La Neve has represented the interests of individuals throughout the state of West Virginia in DUI matters, criminal defense, and injury cases, among other legal matters.

If you’re facing West Virginia criminal charges, attorney La Neve is uniquely qualified to achieve your best possible outcome.

He has handled more than 2,000 criminal matters in the last fifteen years, representing clients accused of crimes ranging from traffic violations to murder. Over that time period, Todd La Neve has developed a reputation as a go-to West Virginia DUI defense lawyer, who has defended citizens in every county in the state.

Other West Virginia defense lawyers regularly refer DUI cases to Mr. La Neve because of his expertise in defending drivers accused of impaired operation.

Staying on top of changes in WV State Law

The legal landscape is constantly changing. State governments are constantly reevaluating their criminal codes -- often making broad changes in whatever area of law seems to be society’s greatest concern at the time.

West Virginia is no different.

The law has changed significantly over the last several years in areas of DUI, domestic violence, and sex-related offenses, to name a few. Hiring a lawyer who only handles West Virginia criminal cases from time to time is a recipe for trouble because of these changes.

When the law changes, so does the way in which I strategize my clients’ defense. Few lawyers in the state are as aware of these changes or flexible enough to respond accordingly.

Criminal cases often hinge on chemical and technical knowledge

A proper defense when the criminal charge involves an area of law requiring technical knowledge beyond what the state Code says.

Todd La Neve is experienced in handling cases involving issues of medicine, toxicology, general scientific issues, laboratory issues, and other similarly complex disciplines.

Additionally, West Virginia defense attorney Todd La Neve has a well-established network of expert witnesses and consultants who are ready to help his clients set forth the best possible defense in their cases, no matter what their area of need.

It takes a lawyer who truly understands why such technical issues are important in order to be effective in defending his clients in cases involving these types of concerns. Todd La Neve has spent hundreds of hours in continuing education programs focused on helping him learn how to effectively utilize technical defenses for his clients and he has done so in many cases through challenging technical evidence and those who present that evidence.

Combining scientific knowledge with common sense creates a perfect defense

Just as important, though, is knowing how to read the signs in a case.

Todd La Neve’s extensive case experience helps him do that for his clients. Sometimes even a complex case can be resolved favorably simply by understanding the people involved in the process and the way their personalities and attitudes work together behind the scenes of a West Virginia criminal case.

Mr. La Neve’s experience as a civil lawyer also helps because he has taken hundreds of depositions of parties and witnesses in cases, honing his skill at reading people and understanding their real issues. He is highly skilled in questioning witnesses and cutting to the heart of the issues.

How to Contact WV Attorney Todd La Neve

If you are looking for the right attorney to defend you against West Virginia criminal charges, take a moment right now to contact Clarksburg DUI-criminal defense attorney Todd La Neve.

Simply fill out the Case Review form on this page or call 877-7WV-LAWS (798-5297) from anywhere in West Virginia. The consultation is free and protected by attorney-client privilege.

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